Hi there - I am Paul Moffat from Carlisle, England. I have visited Kenya quite a number of times over the past years, and together with my wife we are the founders of the Future of Taru.


My wife is Eunice Wanjiku Njeri of Loitokitok in the Kajiado district of Kenya. I met Eunice while on a trip to Kenya, September 2013.


Eunice moved to England in August 2015 to stay with me and we married November 2015.

Together we have developed and continue to develop our Charity, Future Of Taru, with the fantastic backing of a growing number of sponsors and supporters.


In July 2014, Eunice and I visited Taru.


Taru is a small town situated adjacent to the main Nairobi-Mombasa highway, and is around 80km from Mombasa town, although because of the state of the roads and the sometimes horrendous traffic, it can take up to 3 hours to do the journey from Mombasa!


Despite being on the main highway, Taru is a very poorly equipped town, with no supermarkets, no hotels, no banks, poor mobile phone reception, a tiny health centre and constant power cuts.


Eunice and I were visiting the main headquarters of her church, and although 'headquarters' sounds like a plush term, I can assure you that what I found was a place far from being plush. What I found was a place where lots of people were seeking help in their lives, and what struck me most was the number of children wandering around with little to do, and clearly in need of some support and attention.


But guess what? The children were all smiling. Despite barely receiving a meal each day and having little or no education, Taru is all they know. Their expectations are low so their joy is massive when they receive a visit or gifts.


I have since returned to Taru on many occasions, each time learning more about the location, and more about what these children require to develop their future.


For those of you who know me, you will know that I have been supporting orphanages, support centres and individual children for some years, however after visiting Taru for the third time I decided that I now wanted to develop my own support for some of the most needy children - and I would do it in Taru.


We have now opened our own school Future Of Taru Academy, where any parent or guardian can enrol their child for a small term fee - all of the children enjoy a porridge breakfast and a staple Kenyan meal at lunchtime, and drinking water at any time during the school day, however sponsored children receive all of this for 'free'.

This not only supports the sponsored child to enjoy a quality private education whilst being fed, but it also allows their parent or guardian the ability to spend any money they have on other important things, safe in the knowledge that their child(ren)are receiving education and are being fed.

We continue to identify children who are in need of sponsorship.

We have around 240 children now enrolled in the school, and around 135 of whom are sponsored, and these figures are growing weekly.


Our aim is to have all children in the school sponsored !


We also take relevant, needed donated goods from England to Taru (in the suitcase allowance we are entitled to!) - In fact, nothing is out of the question if we agree how it can be used.


All support and donations are very much appreciated. Thank you taking the time to consider our Charity - Future Of Taru.


Best wishes, Paul and Eunice Moffat x


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